Project Description

The Wilmington District, USACE awarded the Design-Build (D-B) of the Right-wing Toe Drain Repair project at John H. Kerr Dam and Reservoir to AMES1 for civil construction services. The USACE operates this 50,000 acre reservoir and an additional 55,000 acres of surrounding land. Kerr Reservoir was constructed primarily to provide for flood control and hydropower generation. The original drain piping system is a 12 inch diameter perforated, corrugated metal pipe with a bituminous coating. The scope of work requires that point repairs be accomplished at six locations where joints are open and are allowing soil, sand and/or crushed stone to enter the pipe.  Four of the repairs are in the original toe drain piping and two of the repair locations are in the twelve (12) inch diameter outfall piping. The scope also includes asbestos abatement to the bituminous coating inside the pipe.