Project Description

The scope of work with the GSA required design build services to remove two existing network protectors and install two new network protectors with disconnects in the electrical penthouse of the Anchorage Federal Building and US Courthouse. AMES 1 was responsible for engineering, designing, and replacing the two current Network Protectors for the GSA Federal Building in Downtown Anchorage. Two CM52 4500A 480V NEMA Network Protectors, two No-Load Disconnect Cabinets, two Stands to support the Protectors and two Eaton EDR-3000 protective relays were supplied and installed as part of this contract. AMES 1 coordinated with the GSA, ML&P and Eaton to secure approved designs prior to procuring any equipment. AMES coordinated a shutdown of the building to remove 2 Network Protectors that were “non-operating” due to switch failure. Removal required cutting open the roof of the 6 story building and utilizing a 40-ton Hydraulic Truck Crane to hoist the old Network Protector out through the roof opening. New installation included tying in the electrical buss connectors, removing the cable limiters, incorporating a relay-operated over-protection scheme engineered to protect the cables from the attachment point at the Network Protectors to the integral-web collector buss. Completion included equipment testing and commissioning of the new Protector and Relay, removing system grounds and energizing the new Protector.