Ames1, LLC Capabilities

AMES1, LLC has the capabilities to handle large projects, but also small enough give all our clients personal attention. We work with each client from the very beginning, understanding their needs and developing a clear and shared vision for their project.

Our skilled teams combined with our use of cutting-edge technology facilitates quick resolutions to any potential issues, ensuring a smooth project from start to finish. Continuous communication between project managers, subcontractors and clients enables us to meet and exceed expectations.

Our Services

Design-Build (DB) and Design-Bid-Build (DBB) services include civil and vertical construction.

Renovation, alteration, and repair services include all interior or exterior building components including, but not limited to: mechanical, electrical, plumbing, utility systems, roof, lighting protection, doors, windows, fire suppression and alarm systems, selective demolition, interior finishes, and painting.

General and Specialty Contracting services include historic preservation and incorporation of custom aesthetically and culturally sensitive resources, designs, and artifacts. Services also include underground storage tanks (UST), oil water separators, and thermal metallic coating (TMC). We provide turnkey contracting services including the provisions of labor, equipment, and materials to remote islands even during inclement weather seasons.

Underground and overhead distribution systems for utilities and government facilities. Substation, unlimited electrical commercial andiIndustrial construction, automated systems installations and calibration, fire alarm installation and testing, security and data systems installation and maintenance. Microwave tower installation, power generator installation, traffic signal installation and maintenance.

Facilities support services, operations and maintenance, repair, security, and custodial services include: buildings, offices, clinics, maintenance facilities, operation areas, roads, vehicles, boathouses, restrooms, gatehouses, security and other fences, sanitary systems, water and electrical systems, communication systems, recreational areas, picnic and campsites.
Demolition and site preparation services include heavy and selective interior/ exterior demolition of existing industrial, commercial, and residential structures and features, trees and vegetation, and protection of natural site features and select trees.
Environmental Services for the abatement and remediation activities of contaminated soil, asbestos, lead, mold, and other hazmat material includes all: site surveys, bulk samples, lab testing, reporting, containment, demolition, removal, and disposal. Work is performed per EPA, state, and local guidelines, and professional and industry standards.
Disaster response and recovery services include expedited restoration, construction, project management, and logistic services in times of emergency recovery from disasters such as: hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, fire, smoke, or other natural disasters.